Here you’ll find a list of my favourite sites, blogs and tools that have helped give me inspiration during my Slimming World journey! Interested in featuring here? Get in touch.

Other bloggers

Fat girl skinny – Stop the press with this girl!! My oh my she has some amazing content! I’ve spent countless hours browsing through her content and reading blogs! Definitely worth a look. Especially her dessert recipes.

Pinchofnom – If you are on Social Media, and haven’t seen or heard of the guys over at Pinch.. Then where have you been?! They come up with some insane recipes every week! Be sure to take a look if you’re struggling for ideas.


Model my diet – I found this tool really useful at the beginning of my journey! It’s only a basic digital image of your current weight V.s your desired, but it creates a visual aid for how different you can look! Worth a try!