How does slimming world work

How does slimming world work? If I had a pound for every time I’ve been asked that question, I’d be a millionaire! Have you ever wondered exactly how the Slimming World diet plan works? I’ve given my breakdown below:

1/3 of a plate rule – the methodology behind the Extra Easy plan when you breakdown is very simple.. Divide your plate into 3 sections – speed, free & Syns

Speed food – does slimming world work

How does Slimming World work

If there is one food type you’ll always hear about either online, or in a group with the Slimming World plan it’s speed foods! These wonderful foods are, according to the SW theory, brilliant for weight loss. You can pack these in all day, everyday!

When you join the plan you’ll find symbols throughout the book/guide which will indicate which category they fit into.

The best thing about these foods? You can eat UNLIMITED amounts!

Free food – does slimming world work

How does Slimming World work

So.. Onto another absolute bonus with Slimming World.. Along with the Speed variety, you have “Free Food”. The theory here is that you can indulge on free foods freely without restriction.

Unlike many other eating plans, you can eat foods like pasta, lean meat,  rice, eggs & potatoes. Imagine yourself eating a plate of chips on a diet.. Welcome to SW!

Healthy Extra A choice – does slimming world work

How does Slimming World work

This section I found particularly interesting when joining Slimming World for the first time… dairy is a must, but in moderation.

Each day you’re allocated an A choice which can be used on things such as cheese (cheesy chips are amazing!) or milk.

The list is updated regularly, but you can find an example of what can be consume in this category by clicking here

Healthy Extra B choice – does slimming world work

How does Slimming World work

Much like the A choice above, you’re allocated a B choice. In this allocation you’ll find things such as breads & cereals.

SW again endorse a list of B choices which are updated regularly, but an example can be found here.

Personally I love using this choice for Hifi bars! You can have two delicious flavoured cereal bars each day.. They’re such a treat!

Syns – does slimming world work

How does Slimming World work

Oh my god!! By far the best part of this amazing plan. Along with a huge list of low syn snacks, you’re allocated an amount of Syns per day

These foods are the ones that are not included in the free, speed, Healthy A/B sections. The beauty of the daily Syns means that you can still enjoy the things you like, and be “on plan”.

To be absolutely clear, this means you can be on this amazing plan and still have the wine, chocolate, cake, crips etc that you desire!

An online database is maintained by Slimming World regularly, so when you join, you can check a food’s syn value. Check it out here

Well if you’ve got this far, you’re definitely interested in joining! Why not find your nearest group?

Still confused? Get in touch for more help 🙂