Slimming world sp recipes – dinner and lunch ideas

If you’ve landed on this page you’re either looking to find out what “SP” really is, or you’re already in the know and looking for Slimming World sp recipes.

Well, I’ll cover both for you! for those already aware of the benefits of SP, below is a list of my favourite recipes. You might want to skip those those!

If you’ve been craving a certain meal, and wish you could recreate it SP then get in touch! I might be able to help.

So, just what exactly is an “SP recipe”? well, it’s a meal made up entirely with all the glorious foods Slimming World classes as speed or protein!

The basic rule being that to follow an entire day of SP, you should only eat things in the category speed or protein. Why not check out our speed foods list. I love filling up on protein foods such as Chicken, Mince or prawns!

On SP days, because of the change in nutrition, you’re allowed to healthy extra B choices too… Hurrah!

Slimming world sp recipes – lunches

slimming world sp recipes

Bacon and mushroom crustless quiche

Baked vegetable frittata

Butternut squash soup

Carrot & coriander soup

Cheesy bacon rosti with poached eggs

Chicken Caesar salad

Chinese salon noodle salad

Classic BLT

Crustless red onion and courgette quiche

Devilled chicken drumsticks

Mushroom soup

Spicy vegetable pakoras

Onion and potato tortilla

Spicy lentil soup

Slimming world sp recipes – dinner

slimming world sp recipes

All day breakfast omelette

Bacon, squash and sweet potato stew

Barbecue pulled pork

Bean and rice burritos

Beef and red wine casserole

Beef stew

Big daddy burger

Bubble and squeak cakes with poached eggs

Burger in a bowl

Caribbean pepperpot stew

Cauliflower pizza

Char-grilled steak with rainbow salad

Chicken and bacon wraps

Chicken supreme

Chilli chicken lettuce wraps

Chunky root vegetable hot pot

Got a particular meals you miss? why not contact us now to see if we can recreate them into slimming world sp recipes.

Most of these recipes can be created from items bought in UK major supermarkets, and hopefully world wide too!