is slimming world good for you

Is slimming world good for you?

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Ahh.. Now there are many theories online about Slimming Worlds methodology, and if it creates a mentality of no portion control… my opinion on this? They’re wrong!

I’ve been following the Extra Easy plan now for around 18 months, and in total lost just over 7 stone! If those theories were correct, would I have lost all that weight?

In terms of the leading question “Is Slimming World good for you?”, I strongly believe so. It retrains your brain to eat, drink and plan things in moderation.

How much does it cost to join Slimming World?

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There are two different options in terms of cost, either online or in a group. I personally am an advocate of joining a group for 1 reason… you’re committed to the weigh in day. The options are as follows:

Group membership

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Whilst you do weigh in with a SW consultant who records your weight, the number on the scales are protected from other members view. slimming world good for you

To join a club the initial cost is £9.95 (of which you get several free starter books), and a weekly cost of £4.95. Within this price you have access to all of the online features found on the Slimming World website. slimming world good for you

There are lots of useful pieces of information & features like lifeline online, rules, sp recipes, low syn snacks, recipe ideas, eating out and many more. slimming world good for you

They have a fantastic database for checking Syns too! If you fancy checking out some yummy Syn treats, check out our Syn Search Results page

You can find out more about the group membership here

Online membership

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The online membership option has three tiers to the cost which are £60, £65 & £80. You can find out more about those here

One key difference with the online feature compared to the group membership, is that the starter books are only available in the top tier price of £80. The cost for all tiers has to be paid up front. slimming world good for you

There are a lot of online communities which give support, majority of social media. Why not check out our Instagram page here

How easy is the plan?

I’m not really sure this is a valid question really… Any form of healthy eating, exercise or self improvement is as easy or hard as you make it. As with anything in life, dedication & commitment is key.

That being said, personally I feel that Slimming World is the easiest diet plan ever!! As somebody who has suffered with weight throughout my life, this plan has by far been the easiest to date.

Unlike traditional eating plans, you’re allowed to eat foods such as rice, potatoes and pasta! Not only this, but within a daily Syns allowance you can have treats like wine, chocolate, cake etc!

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