Slimming world healthy extra A list

All food types are essential with our beloved plan, so here is a Slimming world healthy extra A list for the UK, published in 2018, and appropriate for the extra easy plan.

Calcium is an important nutrient to consume each day to keep our bones strong and makes the make the plan work so efficiently.

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Slimming world healthy extra A list milk

350ml skimmed milk

300ml 1% fat

250ml semi-skimmed milk

175ml whole milk

400ml slimmed goats milk

400ml unsweetened calcium-enriched plain soya drink

300ml semi-skimmed lactose free dairy drink

200ml whole lactose free dairy drink

250ml calcium-enriched plain rice drink

1 litre unsweetened calcium-enriched plain almond drink

500ml sweetened calcium-enriched plain almond drink


Slimming world healthy extra A list cheese

30g Cheddar / Double Gloucester / Red Leicester / Lactofree Mature Cheddar

40g reduced fat Cheddar / reduced fat Emmental

35g Danish Blue

35g Edam

30g Emmental / Gouda / Gruyere

45g Feta

65g Reduced fat Feta / Greek-style salad cheese

30g hard goat’s cheese

40g Soft goat’s cheese

35g Halloumi

45g Reduced fat halloumi

25g Manchego

50g Mozzarella (cows milk)

70g Reduced fat halloumi

30g Parmesan / Parmigiano Reggiano / Grana Padano, fresh

75g Reduced fat / light soft cheese (plain)

90g Ricotta

Grab & Go

Slimming world healthy extra A list grab & go

2 Dairylea Light Cheese slices

3 Dairylea Original Triangles

4 Dairylea Light Triangles

2 Kerry Cheesestrings, Original

2 Mini Babybel Original Cheeses

3 Mini Babybel Light Cheese’s

2 x 35g tubs Philadelphia Light Soft Cheese

3 x 35g tubs Philadelphia Lightest Soft Cheese

2 The Laughing Cow Original Triangles

5 The Laughing Cow Light Triangles, plain / blue cheese / cheddar / emmental

6 The Laughing Cow Extra Light Triangles

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All information should be checked with your SW consultant or on the Slimming World website