Slimming world classes – the benefits of joining!

If I had a pound for every time somebody asked me, “Why should I go to Slimming World Classes?  Surely I can do it online myself?” then I’d be a millionaire! So, I thought I’d run through why I think Slimming World Classes/groups are worthwhile attending.

Slimming world classes


No, you’re not a dog… but oddly, this is the main reason to attend a group in my opinion.  If you have to face the scales each week, in front of a consultant… I personally feel it means you’re more likely to stick with the plan! There have been several times over my weight loss journey where I’ve thought of that very moment as I was about to cave! It really does motivate you.

Consultants advice

Attending Slimming world classes is a fantastic resource of advice. Yes, there’s Google… but you’ll find a lot of out of date information online of which might have developed since being posted! The consultants at your slimming world classes will provide the most accurate information, often hot off the press!

What you might also find helpful, is that in your group, the consultant will provide “image therapy”. It’s essentially a group conversation between consultant and experienced members who will share their knowledge and advice.


You’ll find that you will make new acquaintances on the very first day! They will help you through the confusing times, talk about their experiences of the joyful and tearful times, but most of all… will help you stick on track! I’ve made a lot of friends through slimming world classes… people that just get what you’re going through!

A little pat on the back

I know it seems somewhat trivial, but slimming world classes give you that little boost when you hit a weight loss milestone! You are rewarded with a little shiny sticker to place on the front of your bible (SW book), and a weight loss certificate! Personally, I place these on my fridge door as a reminder of how far I’ve come!

Your consultant will also run awards like “club 10”. The purpose of this award is for when you’ve lost 10% of your weight, and kept it off for the same number of weeks, you get the award AND a free week at group!

Discounted products

By attending slimming world classes, you get access to a wide range of discounted products such as recipe books, Hifi bars, and magazines! Some of the Hifi bar range are amazing! And can be eaten as your HEB allowance. These are available online, but of course you’ll need to wait for delivery.

The book range have helped me no end! I can’t recommend the Fakeaway book enough!

Lifeline online

When you attend the group, your consultant will provide you with a pack of books to help get you started, but will also give you access to the online database called “Lifelineonline”. It’s got a huge selection of recipes, inspiration, weight loss tools and useful features.

Personally, I’ve found the “eating out” guide particularly useful.

Where do I begin?

I’d recommend checking out where the nearest group to you is, you can enter your Postcode and it’ll give you a list of groups nearby, times they group is on and the consults name/contact info.

It’s worthwhile doing a little research online for any “joining discounts”. Often magazines give discounts on joining slimming world classes, making a group membership a more favourable option.

What if i can’t get to a group?

If you’re short of time, got other life priorities or the nearest group is miles away… then fear not, there are other options.

I’d suggest signing up online! You’ll still get a lot of great benefits, and can chose a tiered level of membership depending on if you would prefer the books, magazines etc.

You’ll also be able to find a lot of online support via forums and social media pages. Why not take a peak at my Instagram page for example? There are SO many recipe ideas, tips and advice floating around on Instagram! You’re likely to make new friends there too!

Still confused?

So, there is a lot of info on the benefits of Slimming world classes here huh? It can be overwhelming when you first join slimming world , I totally understand that. Why not check out my Slimming world info page for more clarity? You’re also welcome to contact me whenever you wish for help.