Syn search results! 16/09/2018

Okay folks, so this week I’ve gone for the unusual request of a low syn, ready made dessert! I had a change of scenery today and went to Asda instead of Tesco, and found these Asda Jam & Cream Scones syns search results!

These little beauties work out at 7.5 Syns, amazing! These would be ideal with fresh Strawberries.

The best bit? you could even have TWO if you really wanted to binge, and still be bang on Syns!

Who says you can’t enjoy nice things on Slimming World huh?

I’ve based the Syn values of these scones on the rule that 20 cals = 1 Syn. If you’re unsure, speak to your consultant.

Syn values correct at time of posting, please always be sure to check the online database yourself to be sure.

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